The Potency.World Approach

Potency.World’s core strategy consists of 20% of the time being spent on wellbeing and all its sub-categories. The other 80% of the time, facilitators will ask what the young ladies’ interests/passions are, and the facilitators will help the girls seek resources and mentors to progress their interests/passions. The current legacy educational system focuses on wellbeing about 3% of the curricular time. The intrinsic motivation model of 80% does not yet exist for this age group (Girls ages 11-18). 
Therefore, at Potency.World our approach is:
Having agency in your life significantly increases engagement with learning and problem solving. People that have little or no agency suffer more frequently with poor mental health (Source)
In a learning environment, orientation means knowing where you are heading and why. Learning and work without purpose is deflating, depressing and creates the very negative brain chemistry found with convergent thinking (Source). Knowing that you’re heading for an exam is NOT purpose that liberates creativity
This is barely a secondary concern for the system of education. They set the goal and expect that you should be motivated to learn. Failure to comply results in various punitive outcomes. This is extrinsic motivation and is why 80% of employees experience anxiety at work and only remain because they must (Source). Potency.World is all about intrinsic motivation and solving real-world problems. There is a huge reservoir of creativity that exists in the young minds of our target age group (Girls aged 11-18) that is currently dormant. The chance to do something truly meaningful creates motivation and purpose, thus generating creative/divergent thinking.
Understanding how to navigate the path towards progressing the interest/passions of the girls may mean the study of existing materials. Due to the self-directed nature of these investigations, Curiosity, Passion, Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy are generated and this is where creativity is sparked.
Potency.World is all about experiential learning consisting of:
• Creativity
• Collaboration
• Flexibility
• Innovation Growth Mindset

Not having these skills costs businesses $Billions each year (Source)
Therefore Potency.World alumni will be experienced in ways to find and exploit areas of knowledge that are not linear, logical, or convergent.
The approaches covered in brief above are the reason why our alumni will enter the workforce with a readiness to be agile, innovative, globally connected, experimental, and collaborative. Potency.World is Unlocking the Potential in Girls’ 11-18 by design.
Noun Andragogy the method and practice of teaching adult learners; adult education. Why do we not afford children with this approach? This is intrinsically motivated, is GrowthMindset by nature and gives total Agency to the learner. Facilitators are not the gatekeeper to success or failure; they will guide the passions and interests of girls at Potency. Coercion is not required
Potency alumni will be able to choose to follow whatever passion or potential solution to ‘real-world’ problems that takes their interest, here is ONE girl intrinsically motivated, imagine 500,000 girls like this?
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