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Since high school is where we see the largest drop in female confidence, risk-taking and leadership roles, Potency.World is focused on maximising the potential opportunity for girls between 11-18. Through innovative style facilitation and neuroplasticity (the brains’ ability to change and embed new patterns) we will utilise intrinsic motivation to generate new cognitive abilities. If women worked in our societies at a similar amount as men then we would produce an additional $12 Trillion by 2025
There are many barriers keeping women out of the workforce or retaining and advancing those that do participate. Culture change at the top of organisations is needed to change this
The needs of business today and in the future are 
Creativity, Collaboration, Flexibility, Innovation & Growth Mindset


What is the Charter?
The Charter is designed as a vehicle to remove theoretical excuses for not achieving gender balance in business. It lays out the clear benefits to business and society from an entirely new approach.
Who is the Charter for?
When it was drafted in 2022, the Potency Charter was initially designed to provide the mission statement about how Potency.World will support businesses and wider society. As more businesses sign up to the obvious benefits it will form the rallying call for societal and educational change.

Address the skill’s
shortage facing businesS

The skills shortage is costing organisations £6.3 billion in UK alone.

The majority of organisations in the UK (91%) struggled to find workers with the right skills over the past 12 months, according to a new report commissioned by The Open University. With faster improvements to AI and Machine Learning the skills of business in the near future is creativity and collaboration.


The Potency difference is in cognitive function, we recognise from a huge body of research that from a psychological, mindset and physical perspective that habits are at the core of elite performance in ANY sphere. Legacy education pays no regard to the utility of remembering things to pass tests. This is ‘a’ cognitive function, just an incredibly limited one. They pay little attention to Growth Mindset because all legacy education is Fixed Mindset by definition.

The objective

The ten-year project will unleash 500,000 of exactly what is needed both by people and businesses alike. We will measure the impact our alumni produce in accordance with the investing organisations KPIs. Our objective is to have 500 x 10,000 Potency Foundations within 20 years, the exponential growth will be the result of the clambering needs of business.


  • Inverting the current situation by several times.
  • Vast & imperceivable increases in human innovation.
  • Business growth of an exponential and paradigm shifting degree.
  • Huge impacts on Social Mobility.
  • The financial inclusion of a currently under-represented group.
  • Generational and Epi-Genetic enhancement.

Deliberately create strong and flexible psychologies

Mental health problems at work cost UK economy £34.9bn last year, says Centre for Mental Health

The Covid situation merely exacerbated what had been hidden or ignored for years by businesses that work to the legacy model of productivity. This was achieved by further detaching employees from any ownership and grinding them harder. With 24-hour access through devices people ‘believe’ they cannot rest. From there anxiety is the best outcome with
mistakes from lack of sleep under reported.


Potency is built with the latest research into all aspects of psychological, physical and environmental deliberately included to create people that literally won’t experience the world that today’s workers do. Potency’s culture is working a six-hour day, using collaborative and individual spaces to engage in self-reflection. Daily stretching physical exercise is what the 2 hours from a legacy employer is used for. This will include self-defence which is demonstrated to increase confidence. Potency will model effective behaviours for creativity including sleep and their will be classes dedicated to equipping our alumni with CBT and NLP techniques which require mindfulness. This in and of itself creates consciousnesses that can re-frame with ease through daily practice.

The objective

All of society suffers through the losses experienced by business, by people, by families and by the wider community in which the person struggling with their mental health lives. Our project in consciousness elevating will prove on a very large and internal scale what CAN be achieved with regular practice and excitingly access to new information means our model continuously evolves.


  • Inverting the current situation by several times.
  • Heathier, happier and consequently more creative and motivated.
  • Huge impacts on Social Mobility.
  • Generational and Epi-Genetic enhancement.

Deliberately create
Divergent Brain operation

The book The Gift of Dyslexia states that visual thinking is up to 2000 faster

Legacy education uses Verbal Reasoning to communicate ideas, Visual Thinking equates to
pages and pages of words. Visual thinking can be developed as can multi-perspective representations. These are the skills currently mainly seen in the creative arts or with successful entrepreneurs and creators throughout human history.


With an extra 500,000 of these kinds of minds applying themselves to the challenges of the day Potency will contribute to a new age of human innovation. The results from the 10-year project will be so paradigm shifting that the rationale is obvious when looking at the challenges of the next 10 years.

The objective

Novel problems and giant seemingly unsolvable problems require novel minds to re-imagine what is possible. There are many situations both currently and moving forward that are currently pushed to the back of affairs in the name of business. Current brains are (generally) incapable of re-imaging ‘reality’ divergent thinkers are unconstrained by such limitations. Some of the most sensitive minds are written off as having learning disabilities. This is incredibly wasteful; Potency will actively create environments that enhance the experience of various types of minds and modes.


  • Utilising the known exceptional improvements of divergent brains.
  • Celebrating divergent brains will reach out to all society.
  • This will encourage the widespread self-outing and acceptance.
  • Generational and Epi-Genetic enhancement.

Enhancing girls education
critical ages of 11-18

It is widely recognised the confidence falls to critical levels from 11 in girls

Legacy education does not recognise (in a way that is causing change) the incredibly poor representation of girls in currently male dominated industries. Indeed, the biases that allow this to perpetuate are often angrily defended by these institutions. Then there is a very toxic cultural conditioning whatever environment a girl is raised in, and these two forces create the exception that proves the rule.


Potency recognises the cognitive and the marketing communication aspects of what we are doing. That is to deliberately provide an alternative reality that equates to over 6500 hours of exposure in a ‘term’ the exact nature of attendance will be fluid. Girls will experience all the great stories of women doing things they find interesting and exciting. They will therefore, by definition be attracted to currently male dominated industries.

The objective

The amount of research into the benefits of mixed teams is extensive and this does not account for what is still a very toxic world. With our highly confident alumni the results possible cannot currently be imagined as we have never seen this. We continuously see the exception to the rule but not equality.


  • Utilising the known wasted human consciousnesses.
  • Creating a confidence that comes from within.
  • Lifting women up everywhere through our broadcast company.
  • Generational and Epi-Genetic enhancement.

Demonstrate the
commercial benefitcritical ages of 11-18

Multi-National companies that failed to innovate are famous

From Kodak to Nokia to Yellow Pages to General Motors to Motorola these names have largely
disappeared from the business landscape. We have seen huge names tremendously affected
by unforeseen events and we have seen legacy thinking continue to steer towards the iceberg.
As Einstein said, “We cannot solve the problem’s of today with the thinking that got us here”.


The rationale then is simple, we need differently wired brains to move the species forward. The financial success of the investors will eliminate the need to justify the reason for Potency and will enable the rapid uptake of the Potency model.

The objective

To create the differently wired brains whilst engaging the underrepresented gender to create solutions to the problems facing the species today and in the next decade.


  • The species will survive in #human 2.0
  • Generational and Epi-Genetic enhancement.

This is what stand for as an international NGO creating neurological opportunity for girls


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